Author Guidelines

  1. Articles ideally be no more than 15 pages (including Article Tittle, Abstract, Keyword, and References) and write in Bahasa Indonesia or English
  2. Article title length maximum 20 words, Abstract (in English) must be no more than 200 words; and Key Word no more than 5 words
  3. Author names presented without mention academic title or position in institution, but only the name of the institution. Author mentioned email address. In the case of article write  by more than one author, only first author mentioned email address
  4. The structure of articles as follow:
    • Titles
    • Authors
    • Abstract (in English)
    • Key Word
    • Introduction
    • Methods
    • Results (with subheadings)
    • Discussion (without subheadings)
    • Conclusion
    • References
  5. Articlesuse txt, doc, docx, tex format
  6. Reference format use APA/ASA style.